Guillermo Castañeda avanza a tercera ronda en el Orange Bowl 1
  • Guillermo Castañeda avanza a tercera ronda en el Orange Bowl

    Diciembre 18, 2014.- Guillermo Castañeda gano hoy la tercera ronda en el Orange Bowl.

    Derroto 5/7 6/1 6/1 al sembrado 17 de Inglaterra. Castañeda es el unico Mexicano vivo en el Orange Bowl y se instaló en los mejores 32 del mundo.

    Mañana juega a las 12:30.

    Segundo año consecutivo que el Equipo de Tenis Telcel gana 3 rondas en el Torneo mas grande del mundo para 14 Años.

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Equipo de Tenis Telcel 2
Guizar Tennis Academy / Total Tennis Center 3
  • Guizar Tennis Academy / Total Tennis Center

    A new tennis team in town.- If you missed the Grand Opening of the Total Tennis Center in Clearwater last weekend, you’ll be especially interested in reading this month’s feature. The former Royal Racquet Club had its own version of an “Extreme Makeover” by its new owners, the Guizar Tennis Academy, and it was proudly unveiled to the community last weekend. Click here to read the complete article -->

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Guizar Tennis Academy (GTA) is located in Clearwater Florida at the beautiful Total Tennis Center, which features excellent tennis facilities, 10 (green) clay courts and 2 hard courts and a variety of private and group lessons.  GTA was founded by Nicolas Guizar and Laura Diaz as a full-time tennis boarding school that combines intensive tennis training with an academic curriculum.  GTA stresses discipline, responsibility and effort, and aims to develop the students on and off the court.